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Reset Netgear Orbi default admin password
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Forget Your Orbi Admin Password? Reset Now

If you don’t know how to reset the Orbi admin password then this blog is for you. Many users fail to notice what passwords or log in credentials they have set. In this post, you will learn how to recover Forget Orbi admin password. So read it carefully.

How to reset the Orbi admin password?

Don’t worry by following these steps you can easily set a new password:

  • Open any web browser like google chrome and type in the search bar.
  • Hit the log-in button.
  • Now you are entered in the Orbi admin panel.
  • Now click on the Forget password.
  • Next, enter the email address connected with your Orbi account.
  • Then complete the given captcha and click on reset my password.
  • Go to your email account and check your inbox.
  • You will receive an email at the email address you provided when signing up for the Orbilogin page.
  • In the email, you will get a link.
  • Click on the link and you are redirect to the Orbi admin password change page.
  • Create a new username and password for your Orbi account.
  • After typing the new username and password click on the submit button.
  • Now, take a piece of paper and write down that password; it will come in handy later.

Congratulations on successfully changing your Orbi admin password.

Some Reasons for the Orbi admin password not resetting

  • You are not able to login into your Orbi router.
  • The Ethernet cable is not working properly.
  • Outdated version of the browser.
  • Unnecessary caches, cookies, and history.
  • The cables or wires of the Orbi router or modem are either loose or damaged.
  • You are not getting a proper power supply.

Permanent Solution for Reset Orbi admin Password

Steps to Enable admin password Reset feature on your Orbi Router:

Reset Orbi admin password
  • Turn on your laptop or computer.
  • Open a web browser and type or in the address bar.
  • Type the default login credentials of your Orbi router.
  • Remember that Orbi’s Default user name is admin and the password is also password.
  • Click on the login button.
  • Go to the advanced setting.
  • Now click on the set password.
  • Enable password reset by checking the box.
  • Choose any two security questions and answer them; remember that security question and answer for the future.
  • Tap on the save button.

By following these steps, you can easily enable the admin password reset feature on your Orbi router.

Wrap Up

The following troubleshooting methods will assist you in resolving the Orbi admin password reset issue. As you can see, there are various possible causes for the problem. If you have tried everything described above and are still unable to change your Orbi admin password, please contact our support team, who will assist you correctly.