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Orbi Purple Light
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Facing A Problem With Orbi Purple Light? Here’s What To Do

Are you facing an issue with Orbi purple light? Your search is now over! This article will help you properly fix the Orbi purple(magenta) light. The Orbi flashing magenta light is one of the most common issues faced by Orbi users. There are numerous causes for this problem like internet connectivity issues, but we can resolve it by following some troubleshooting steps. So read this article because reading is essential. Trust me!

Reasons behind the Orbi Purple light

Let us explore what causes the purple light on your Orbi device:

  1. The main cause of the Orbi purple light is corrupted and outdated firmware.
  2. Malicious files and viruses in your Orbi Wifi system are also possible causes of the problem.
  3. The Ethernet cable is not working correctly.
  4. Sometimes your Orbi device is working fine but the issue is from your ISP’s side (Internet service provider).
  5. The Orbi satellite and Orbi router are unable to connect, resulting in Orbi flashing purple.
  6. The internet network is experiencing issues.
  7. Your Orbi satellite or router may be experiencing a hardware glitch.
  8. The Orbi satellite is no longer in range.
  9. The cables or wires of the Orbi router or modem are either loose or damaged.
  10. If the Orbi configuration changes, you may notice an Orbi magenta light.

Steps to the Fix Orbi Purple light

To fix the Orbi flashing purple light, follow the basic troubleshooting steps listed below:

  1. Make sure your Orbi firmware is updated. Use the Orbi login web page to update your Orbi firmware.
  2. Remove all the malware and viruses from your Orbi Wifi system.
  3. Check that your ethernet cable is securely connected to the port.
  4. Check that all of the cables and wires connecting your modem to the Orbi device are in good condition.
  5. Re-sync your Orbi router with satellite as needed.
  6. Locate the router and satellite close together to fix the purple light.
  7. Restart the Orbi Wifi system if all of the cables and firmware are working properly but you still have an issue with the Orbi flashing magenta light.
  8. Confirm that the firmware you downloaded does not contain any malicious files.
  9. Verify that your device is not experiencing a hardware failure.
  10. If the Orbi magenta light is still visible, the problem may not be within your devices. It is possible that your ISP is experiencing problems or is maintaining its network. So, contact your ISP.

Final Thoughts

You can find all of the information about the possible causes of magenta light on Orbi right here. And how to easily and quickly resolve Orbi purple light issues, as well as advanced steps. If you keep an eye on Orbi, it will continue to flash a purple or magenta glow. Then you can consult with our technical experts, who will walk you through the process step by step.